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Is Dodson Pest & Termite Control A Good Choice For Pest Control?


Nobody likes pests in their home or office and should have a reliable pest control company ready to solve any pest problem. Since 1944, Dodson Pest & Termite Control has been providing quality services to generations of satisfied clients. Founded by Dodson brothers, this is one of the largest family-owned pest control companies in North America.

Dodson Pest & Termite Control protects your homes and business from a range of pesky pests including ants, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, termites, mice, rats, spiders and all other creatures that invade your property. Throughout all these decades, the company has been earned an outstanding reputation for providing one of the finest services in the industry and is widely known for their unique bright yellow trucks.

If you are a new user, it’s quite natural for you to think that ‘Is Dodson Pest & Termite Control a good Choice for Pest Control’. Here we mentioned all the important points that will help you to make the right choice.

Locations Served by Dodson Pest & Termite Control

Dodson is a well-known name in the industry of pest control but it provides its services in selected regions only. The company currently operates 38 offices serving North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, West Virginia, the District of Columbia metropolitan area, and Eastern Tennessee.

Services offer by Dodson Pest & Termite Control

Dodson Pest & Termite Control delivers reliable and effective pest management and preventative services to thousands of residents and commercial customers.

Residential Pest Control

Dodson provides you peace of mind by protecting your family and home from a range of common and rare pests. You will get a range of pest management services and treatments include:

Pest Control

Dodson Pest Control uses a highly efficient and comprehensive to eliminate pests from your home known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). By applying IPM, Dodson’s technicians will identify and eliminate contributing factors required for the pest to survive. They use multiple strategies to solve all your pest problems.

Termite Control

Dodson Pest & Termite Control protects your home from termites by using one of the most effective termiticides available known as Termidor. This product applied to the ground underneath and around your home. When any termite comes in contact with chemical becomes a carrier to quickly spread it to the rest of the colony.

Bed Bug Management

If you suspect that you have a bed bugs infestation, contact Dodson Pest & Termite Control, they will locate them, apply the treatment to affected areas, and offer an essential follow-up to eliminate the issue.

Moisture Control

Dodson Pest Control provides a moisture control program that includes various components to help you in providing effective safety from moisture in your home.

Rodent Management

Dodson Pest & Termite Control has the experience and knowledge to help you with rodent management. Dodson’s technicians will evaluate your concerns and create a customized treatment to deliver total protection from rodents. Some of the strategies may include Sanitation recommendations, Rodent-proofing advice, Settings traps, Rodenticides, and monitoring to protect your house.

Commercial Pest Control

A pest infestation in a commercial facility can destroy your property, manufacturing materials, lead to contamination and unsanitary conditions for your workers as well as negatively affect your reputation. Dodson Termite Control delivers comprehensive pest and termite control services to all types of business such as:

  • Distribution, Warehousing, And Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Supermarkets

The Highlights of Dodson Pest & Termite Control

Free inspection and Evaluation– Pests are unpredictable, without identifying their species, nature, and infested areas; it’s very hard to create a treatment plan. Dodson Termite Control offers free inspection and evaluation to provide you the best solution for all pest problems.

Discount Coupons for New Customers– its good news for new customers, they can avail great discounts on their first service. Visit the website and get New Customer Discount Coupon.


Dodson Pest & Termite Control combines the experience of decades, expertise and knowledge, unique approaches, and latest technologies in its service to provide its customer best pest control service experience possible. When you select Dodson, you get the trust of a big brand and convenience of the local service provider.

So, yes Dodson Pest & Termite Control is a good choice for pest control services.

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