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Dodson Pest Control was established in 1944 by Bert Dodson, and his older brother Robert. It is one of the largest family-owned pest control services. With the experience of more than 75 years, we are reputed in providing the best and affordable services to our customers. Dodson’s goal is to make your family or your business pest-free with a reliable and convenient service. 

We cover pests including ants, bed bugs, termites, bees, rodents, mosquitoes, ticks, cockroaches, and other pests. We are operating 38 offices in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and the District of Columbia metropolitan area. We provide our technicians with comprehensive training to perform the best services. 

Dodson pest control pricing depends on the pest management plan recommended to your property. Our pest management plans are affordable and no matter what plan you will choose, you will get the best quality service. 

Dodson Pest Control Online Quote

Dodson provides the online quote for convenient and reliable service. The customers can also send their queries regarding our pests services through our online website, our team will respond to you as soon as possible. You can ask various questions including free inspection, reviews on our service, or any pests related problem. Customers also can schedule flexible appointments by contacting us on our toll-free number. We will serve appointments within 24 hours. For any question or extra help, you may additionally touch us on our operation helpdesk.

Free inspection decide the Dodson Pest Control Pricing

Dodson pest control service provide an free inspection to your property. As inspection is the preliminary practice of the pest industries. Customers can schedule their free indoor and outdoor property inspection through an online quote or by contacting us. Based on the inspection, our technicians will monitor how much infestation is there or the infected areas. According to the infestation and infected areas, the treatment plan is recommended which is best for the issue. Our treatment plans are affordable and reliable. After consulting every detail of our plan, we decide Dodson Pest Control Pricing. 

Factors that affect Cooks Pest Control Pricing

To practically understand the Dodson pest control, you need to check the factors on which the pricing depends. Here are the factors, which help you better understand the Dodson pest control pricing:  

Types of Pests – There are various kinds and various species of pests living in the world. Some of the pests infestations are difficult to remove than some other pests. Difficulty in the removal of infestation includes a lot of hard work, time, and eliminating products. Therefore, after inspections, based on the kind of pest the pricing is also decided. 

Size and location – The other factor is the size and location of the premises. Based on the scale and region of the infected area, the amount of chemical substances and products is decided. As, if the infected area is greater, the treatment products are required more. Thus, the pricing also depends on the size. Same, the pricing also depends on the ease to access the infected area. If the location of the inflamed area is not that easy to be treated, then it may cost you more than infected areas at ease access. 

Type of Pesticides – The treatment of the pests differs with the type of pests, therefore the pesticides used for treatment also differ. As some of the pests are difficult to eliminate and their pesticides are more expensive than other pesticides and products. Therefore the Dodson pricing also depends on the quality and type of pesticides. 

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