Dodson Pest Control Cost

How Much Does Dodson Pest Control Cost?


Pests are not just nuisance but create significant problems for your property and health. Some pests like cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes can transmit up to 1000 types of diseases ranging from simple allergies to deadly diseases. Some pests like termites and carpenter ants can do significant damage to your furnishings and building’s structure. However, few pests like rats and mice can do both types of harm; their constantly growing teeth can chew through literally anything even glass. And they carry a host of pathogens that can spread dangerous infections such as plague.

DIY methods provide only temporary relief that’s why people take the help of professional pest exterminator. However, it’s also a known fact that pest control service cost is expensive when you look for big brands name. Not anymore, here at Dodson Pest Control, you will get both- trust of big brand within your budget.

Dodson Pest Control Cost is very reasonable when you compare it with other companies. We offer pest management services to both residential and commercial customers from our 38 offices located in North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, and the District of Columbia metropolitan area.

We Offer Customized Pest Control Treatment

One of the main things that directly affect Dodson Pest Control Cost is the customized plan. Pests are unpredictable; it’s difficult to get an idea of the infestation level without proper inspection of the affected site.

Dodson Pest Control Cost of customize service comes with free initial property treatment. We will come to your house or office and do a detailed inspection of the premises to locate all affected areas and recommend you the best treatment plan for you, it’s entirely up to you if you want to use our service. After deciding all things with you our professional will offer you final Dodson Pest Control Cost.

Dodson Pest Control Cost of Residential Services

At Dodson, we offer a range of quality pest control services and treatment to protect your house from unwanted pests. Some of our quality services include Pest Control, Termite Control, Bed Bug Management, Moisture Control, and Rodent Management.

Basically, Dodson Pest Control Cost for residential Services depends on the following factors:

Location of the Property– Some regions have more pests issues than other especially humid or semi-humid climates provides a perfect haven for pests to flourish. SO, of your property is located in such a region, you may get charged higher Dodson Pest Control Cost for service.

Size of the Property– The total size of the affected area that requires treatment affects Dodson Pest Control Cost. Because the bigger areas require large quality of the material means higher cost.

Type of Infestation– Some pests are easy to get rid of in comparison to super pests like termites and cockroaches that require multiple treatments or special to remove.

Season- Summer and Manson are the peak season for pests to flourish, during this time of year; you may notice multiple pest infestations in your house. To handle all pest problems, professionals may need to use special equipment or product which may increase Dodson Pest Control Cost.

Dodson Pest Control Cost of Commercial Services

Dodson Pest Control offers comprehensive pest management and preventative services for every type of business include: Distribution, Warehousing, And Manufacturing, Food Processing, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality, Multi-Family Housing, Offices, Restaurants, Retail Stores and Supermarkets.

Dodson Pest Control Cost for Commercial Services depends on your specific needs and requirements which can only be decided after property inspection.

We are always ready to help you!

To get a reliable pest control service for your home and office, you can contact us through our toll-free helpline or send us all your queries at our email address, our team will get back to you. Our team works 24/7 to assist you!

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