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Pest management companies are working against pests in your homes and other areas. Bug control has been a mandatory task to be done for many people across the nation. There are places where the pest infestation is so high that, people need pest management companies to monitor their places on regular basis. In this situation, you need a good and reliable bug control service provider like Dodson pest control.

Know More About Dodson Pest Control

Dodson pest control was formed back in 1944. It is a family owned organization that is delivering assistance and services to the generations of satisfied customers. We stand here fully equipped and prepared to serve all our customers in the best way possible. Dodson pest control would love to add new members in the list of satisfied customers, that’s why we have a good amount of goodwill in the bug control industry. Get in touch with our highly professional and skilled staff members to book with us. We start our process with inspection of the site and then according to the site and pest infestation, we quote our prices. You can surely trust Dodson pest control for any bug control service.

Our Bug Control Treatment Process

We always start our process of pest management from inspection of the site. The process ahead depends on the pests and the site. There are different ways we can choose to eliminate pests. Once the inspection is done, we will make a personalized plan to address your concerns. Treatment may include any of these ways:

Pest Control Services
  1. Traps — To eliminate rodents Mechanically
  2. Exterior Protection — this process includes creating a continuous barrier around the home in order to manage pests such as cockroaches, ants, crickets, and earwigs even before they invade in the site.
  3. Insect Growth Regulators — we use this option when we want to replicate the natural hormones of any insect to disrupt their growth and development
  4. Bait— in this we attract pests out of your site, then once bait is taken we eliminate them.
  5. Directed Contact — the material is directly applied to the pests for fast acting bug control
  6. Void Treatment — we teat all the hiding and secret openings such as the interiors of walls or underneath cabinets to avoid pests from coming inside through them.
  7. Crack and Crevice Treatment — Carefully putting materials in the places where bugs or insects actually live, breed, or hide, with minimal exposure to children, food, or pets

Dodson pest control will also serve our customers with mechanical, sanitation, and cultural options to avoid pests and bugs from entering your site.

Categories We Work on!


Residential pests are the stubborn ones and can cause you to give up. But Dodson Pest Control is what you need for all those pests. We offer bug control for pests like rodents, cockroaches, lizards, etc.


We know how it feels when you have a meeting at your office and pests make you feel embarrassed or your restaurant’s food is been wasted because of rats. Call us for a bug control services.

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